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GDPR Cloud Conformity Audit

Privacy in the cloud involves more than just technical and engineering aspects.
Tools and processes can be used to ensure information security and data protection, but privacy is a societal issue whose consequences are not limited to the personal data storage and management.

In this context, Privacy Praxis offers you its cloud computing audit services to determine if the security of the personal data
deployed is sufficient for the cloud environment you are using, whether it is Software as a Service, Platform as a Service or Infrastructure as a Service

The cloud audit ensures the security of the data in it, but also
demonstrates the compliance with the legal requirements of the GDPR, as well as the derived contractual requirements.

Audit Sécurité Cloud,
Privacy Praxis is based on the ISO27018 standard certification which specifically covers the processing of personal information by cloud service providers. On this basis, Privacy Praxis supports you:

- In your compliance with the various legal and contractual data processor obligations to which you are legally bound ;
- In the negotiation phase with your customers;
- In adapting your clauses in order to adapt them to the cloud environment, including advices on implementation;
- In the preparation of the annual audit of your company by an independent body and which can subsequently serve as a reference point to support your own regulatory obligations

With this strategy, you can assure companies and their users that their personal data will be protected in a variety of ways.
Cloud actors: Microsoft azure, Amazon cloud aws, Google, Oracle) Cloud solution: OVH, website host, dedicated servers, virtual servers, etc.
Audit Sécurité Cloud,
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