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GDPR compliance website

Website compliance to the GDPR

Privacy Praxis also assists you in carrying out audits of your websites in
order to assess their compliance with the General Data Protection
Regulations (RGPD) and to increase the protection of your users' personal data

The website compliance assessment focuses on the following elements:
  • How personal data of website visitors is collected.
  • Purpose of the data collection
  • Procedure allowing the data subjects to exercise their rights
    (deletion, correction, access, etc.).
  • Duration of data retention
  • Location and security of data storage

Audit site internet rgpd
To ensure the compliance, we support you in establishing a privacy policy of your site (Privacy Disclaimer), the implementation of a compliant cookie banner, the securing of your website (https certificate), the implementation of a process to capture the consent of data in your contact form, etc.

The different stages of your inspection: First of all, we carry out a technical inspection of your website (i.e. all the cookies and tracker present on the web page). Then, we proceed to a legal verification of the content of your website (privacy policy, consent process, etc). On the basis of the elements obtained during the inspection, we establish a report of your level of compliance in order to implement the appropriate measures and to ensure and improve this RGPD compliance..
Audit site internet rgpd
The elements audited are as follows:
  • The security of the site
  • Cookie management
  • The collection of personal data, in particular via forms
  • Retention of personal data
  • Information to the data subjects
  • The management of data subjects' rights
  • Data transfer outside the European Union
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