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Protect your software

Depending on the context and the organization, an effective awareness
program can be required by law under the General Data Protection Regulations.

This program helps to protect an entity from the negative impact that may affect it such as financial, operational or reputational costs, by reducing the risk of data leakage. It only takes one convincing email or phone call to endanger an organization. Therefore, It is  necessary to sufficiently train each employee according to their role and the risks associated with their function with an adapted, human-centric awareness program.

Indeed, an adapted awareness program makes it possible to inform employees of good information security practices, to make employees more cautious, to create security awareness and to strongly reduce the number of security incidents due to human error

Sensibilisation a la sécurité informatique

To support you in raising awareness of IT security among your staff,
Privacy Praxis offers you the Terranova solution. This is a platform for raising awareness among your employees about cyber security and data protection, providing an 'à la carte' training package that is customized to your company's needs.

This solution offers 5 online training modules
o Cyber Security Awareness
o Compliance and governance
o Protection of personal data
o Phishing simulation

Each of these modules is composed of a wide catalog of learning video
capsules (micro or nano capsules of a few minutes), with the possibility of adapting them according to the needs and awareness objectives sought by your company.

The cybersecurity platform provided will help you to implement and manage awareness programs for each of your employees or groups of employees. An awareness support service is also included to effectively help you drive succesful programs.
Sensibilisation a la sécurité informatique
Sensibilisation a la sécurité informatique
To raise the awareness of your entity's staff to computer security,
Privacy Praxis offers you the following services:
  • Online training modules
  • Wide catalog of training video microcapsules
  • Creation of tailormade training video microcapsules
  • Phishing simulation
  • Implementaiton and Awareness program management
  • Training of employees
  • Awareness Support Services
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