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The computer forensic expert may be appointed by the Court of Justice in cases where  particular technical computer expertise  is needed. A forencic expert can also be appointed  at the request of the parties involved. The mission of the judicial expert is to proceed to an analysis of certain technical points and to draft a report that can be used by the court  indicating the methodology that has been used, the findings and the expert's conclusions. The work of the judicial expert is regulated by the Belgian Judicial Code.
Jean-Pierre Heymans is a Judicial Expert registered on the national register of judicial experts with the identification number EXP2018610 (*).
Judicial Expert in Wallonia, Judicial Expert in Brussels, Judicial Expert RGPD and member of the European Expertise and Expert institute
Expert judiciaire sécurité information
Methodology of the expert in a nutshell

  • The kick off meeting. Once the expert has been appointed, a meeting with the parties is planned to agree on the details and the organization of the expertise.
  • The acceptance of the expertise mission.
  • The expertise. The expert analyses the facts and documents communicated to him by the judge. Once the expertise has been conducted, the experts prepares and submit the report.

expert judiciaire sur le net
Privacy Praxis puts its experience at the service of justice in the following areas:
  • General data protection regulation (GDPR)
  • Information system cybersecurity and audit
  • IT fraud litigations
  • Identity Theft Litigation
  • Litigation in case of theft or destruction of data
  • General computing
  • Embedded software computing
  • Computing - network-lan-cabling
  • Information security management
  • Telecom and network
  • Restoration of computer data (forensics)
This list isn't exhaustive and is published for information purposes only
Art. 991ter.With the exception provided for in Art. 991decies, only those persons who, by decision of the Minister of Justice, have been entered in the National Register of Judicial Experts are authorised to bear the title of judicial expert and may accept and carry out assignments as judicial experts.
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