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PrivacyPraxis offers his own GDPR compliance tool for helping you in the GDPR compliance implementation. This tool helps you to audit your security system in terms of your GDPR compliance. This audit will provide key elements to create an action plan, to draft a records of processing activities, to identify and to realize impact assessment and to answer to the data subejct requests.

The functionalities:

-  Interface for Manager, GDPR project pilot, DPO or consultant
-  8 languages
-Organization of internal processes with compliance document templates provided
- Governance with customizable dashboards
- Video training
- E-learning with serious games
- Advanced management of participant profiles
- Single sign-on
- Storage of proof of conformity
- Prioritization of actions taken based on risks
- Records of processing activities
- Risk Assessment
-  Privacy program assessment and management

Rgpd conseil et avis juridique
outil de gestion rgpd
What are the advantages of the tool?
We are  a certified reseller of the OneTrust solution.  The OneTrust tool includes the following modules :
  • Maturity and planning
  • Comparative study of confidentiality programs
  • Automation of evaluations and impact analysis
  • Data mapping and record of processing activities
  • Incident and violation management
  • IT risk management
  • Supplier risk management
  • Enterprise policy management
  • Data discovery
  • Consent
  • Cookie Consent
  • Policy management and Information Statements
  • Dataguidance
  • Training and Awareness
  • Training and awareness
The advantages of the solution
  • Optimization of your working time and cost reduction
  • Managing and maintaining your entity's DPM compliance
  • Easy management for your entity
  • Customization based on your needs
  • Semi-automation of tasks
  • The centralization of your GDPR documentation
  • Easy collaboration between DPO and management
outil de gestion rgpd
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