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Information security policy

In our digital society, the information security is a major priority.
Whether you are in the private or public sector, the information security is the only way to protect your digital assets, to improve your services and to respect laws relating to the data protection.

That must be achieved through the implementation of appropriate governance. It is within this framework that Privacy Praxis is able to support you, helping you to set up an appropriate strategy in compliance with the ISO27001 standard.
Sécurité de l’information
The different phases of our strategy:

1) Plan
The etablishment phase allows for the identification of information security management (ISM) goals. Through the definition and the development of a security policy for your ISM, we will able to identify risks related to the security, the gravity of those risks and their mitigation with the implemention of security measures .

2) Do
The implementation phase focuses on putting in place a procedure that covers risk mitigation, application of security measures, measurement of KPIs that will allow to assess the efficacy of the measures and the measurement of a conformity index.

This phase consists of checking your ISMS on a daily basis and
detecting incidents in order to react quickly.

Finally, the improvement phase will ensure the implementation of corrective, preventive or improvement actions against incidents and gaps observed during the previous phase.

Once the implementation is done, a pre-audit process will occur to ensure your conformity to the ISO27001 standard and to prepare for the certification of your company by an
independent organization.
Sécurité de l’information
Sécurité de l’information
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